Natia's Favourites

The following is a SHORT LIST (really!!) of some of my favourite things...
all of which take part in creating the eclectic culture of Natia.

Favourite Painters / Photographers
Bev Doolittle (Painter)
William Wegmer (Photographer)

Favourite Magazines
Wired - Online Pop Culture
Anthill - Entrepreneurial Businesses
Colours - Multicultural review of global themes
IAB (Online Newsletter) - Internet Advertising Bureau
B&T - Marketing in Australia

Favourite Movies
Up (by Disney)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Life is Beautiful (Italian)
Princess Sonomono (Japanese Anime)
Cyrano de Bergerac (French European)
Tarantino - Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Lounge, Killing Zoey (American)
Guy Ritchie - Mean Machine, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Guns
Monthy Python - Quest for the Holy Grail, Life of Brian (British)
The Red Violin (American)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (American)
Baraka (International)
Army of Darkness (American)
Austin Powers (Canadian - First one only)
Kratke Filmy from Jan Svankmajer (Tchek Republik)

Favourite Foods
Philipino Preserved Mangos
Cantonese Hi-Chew Lychee Candy
Cantonese DimSum
Taiwanese Bubble Tea
Japanese Mochi Treats
Japanese Green Tea and Green Tea Ice Cream
Japanese Tepanyaki (Cooking Table at Restaurant ie. Benihana)
Japanese Unagi Sushi (BBQ Eel)
Mexican Tamales
Mexican Cactus in Green Tomatillo Sauce
German Schnitzel
German Knudeln
German Gluewein (Mulled Red Wine in Spices)
European Pureed Maron with Whipping Cream and Sour Cherries
European "Blood Orange" Sherbert
Swiss Maestroni Chocolate
Swiss Cheese Fondue
Croatian Hazelnut Chocolate
French Canadian Peanut Butter Sucre a la Creme (Fudge)
Hungarian Cottage Cream Noodle Casserole (with Brown Sugar and Walnuts)
Hungarian Layered Pancake Cake
Hungarian Pancakes with Cheese and Raisin Stuffing
Hungarian Csabai Sausage
Mom's Cooking

Favourite Topics
Cuisine (Restaurants and Cooking)
Scuba Diving
International Business / Affairs

Favourite Sports

Favourite Games
Chess & Chinese Checkers
Card Games: BlackJack, Poker
Video Games (Quests!)