Natia's Personal and Family Picture Book

Me in the very early years (a young mind waiting to be corrupted)
This is where I came from - a crazy family. My hilarious and boisterous dad, my sophisticated and amazing chef mom, and my two younger witty brothers Patrick and Marc.
And, this was our dog Charlie (aka. Charlemagne), a gorgeous and loyal golden retriever, which has blessed my childhood and makes me yearn for a dog again one day.
I played soccer for four years as a pre-teen... defense and goalie... loved it!

But then I got a job at KFC and I seemed to have greedily preferred the money option... a business woman already!

My dad will tell you that it took a while, but I have come to LOVE rollercoasters... just for the thrill of it!

One day, I'm sure this will lead me to sky diving!

In my teens, I loved the crazy cartoon character Taz, the tazmanian devil... I think it was the rebel in him that did it for me!
Here I am in HighSchool... ugh, I hated those itchy catholic school skirts! This was the time when I began loving perms too... one every year!... and somehow, through all that hair abuse, my hair has survived it all!
As you can tell, I also started developing an attitude in HighSchool... ready (and proud) to be a little different from everyone else.

I had seen the light and decided to get myself in gear for a University Degree in Honours Business!

Also, I am very patriotic... Canada is such a fantastic place to live!... and I revelled in it, especially Toronto. It's just a teeny weeny bit chilly in the winter (-40 degrees, yikes!)
Here I am in University as a second year "Soph" (short for "sophomore"), ready to take on a flurry of new Frosh (1st year students) in my "Froggy"-branded residence helper outfit.

It was a blast... but I think the green lipstick scared off some of the parents on "move-in day".

To this day, I am still called "froggy" by some of my close friends whom I met that year.

Early in university, I joined a group called AIESEC (International Association for Students in Economics and Business) -- which teased my palate for international cuisine and kickstarted my personal mission of traveling to a new place every year! So far I have been true to my goal.

In 2001-2003, I occupied myself and my friends by having crazy theme parties (ie. the 80s party picture you see below), creative Monday night cooking sessions, international travel, learning languages (Spanish at that time), and thinking up new and original cocktail mixes (ask me about my Singapore Sunrise drink!).

Another classic English family shot!

After 2 years in a Brand Associate role with the Consumer Healthcare firm Pfizer and 2 more years of Marketing Management in the Canadian Commercial Real Estate Industry (Oxford Properties), I decided I was ready to go and try out this living overseas thing...

...and ended up in Ecuador, South America for 6 months ! As you can see, I loved every minute of it.

A picture at a halloween party... with my newly coloured hair. Here I went for black hair look. It lasted less than a year. It was fun, but it wasn't me. Just too dark and it made me look even paler than I am usually. So, I went right back to my favourite shade (Red) after that!
In 2003 - 2004, I spent lots of time discovering the wonders of Ontario's forests and regional towns.
I always make time for a nice warm glass of red wine with some friends!
I am now living in Sydney, Australia. And enjoying the wonders it brings... such as warm winters and year round scuba diving!
Here I am in my Sydneysider apartment.
With straight hair. It's fun to change your look around every once in a while.
Enjoying one of Sydney's fabulous parks.
Being cheeky in Vancouver in July 2009.
Enjoying warm conversations and red wine in the Blue Mountains of NSW, AU. (not to be confused with the Blue Mountains of Ontario)
Little drummer girl during one of our great samba performances. This one was Ritmo festival with about 40-50 drummers. What a blast - now you know why I'm smiling !